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The appeal of plaid motifs in fashion

It can be said that the striped pattern is one of the most popular and popular motifs in fashion, including fashion. Almost every wardrobe, everywhere, has the presence of colorful Stripe-patterned outfits. Stripe has almost become an

The designer guides women in the village to bring the Indian fashion empire to the globe

How Anita Dongre brought the Indian fashion empire to the world and solved the problem of economic empowerment for women in this country. Anita Dongre born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is known as the founder

How will fashion trends in 2020 change after the covid epidemic

Certainly the trend of logomania and brand tag dress will disappear in a short time. What the designers designed, sketched, and designed for 2020 is almost completely eliminated. When the Spanish Influenza flu hit, it suddenly became

How fashion is life like that

If you think that, do you want others to see you just as superficial things? You were too wrong to think like that. Because new people meet will consider you through the appearance you show them. Clothes

Rich men’s rigorous standards of clothes for events

Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra, the Spanish novelist once said, “Clothes that both cover and strip people.” For the upper class, clothing is not only a piece of clothing but also confirms the style and class of

Discover the famous fashion capital of Europe – Milan Italia

This is the second largest city in Italy in the North famous for the ancient beauty of great architectural works, valuable works of art. Milan deserves to be the first stop of travelers on the journey to

Predict the colors and textures that dominate the autumn-winter fashion trend of 2020

When autumn comes, it is also time for women to plan to “refurbish” the closet in the time of season. Contrary to popular belief, autumn and winter fashion will come with monochromatic and neutral colors and patterns.

Kenzo – Transform every style

Kenzo will always be ready, as long as you dare to try. From Europe to Asia, from music stars, movie actors to powerful politicians – anyone can confidently choose a style thanks to Kenzo’s “witch dressed”. With a

Differences in fashion style of British – American girls

How have historical and climate factors affected the current British-American girl fashion style? The overarching picture of what makes the difference in British-American girls’ fashion styles has a direct impact on their current shopping habits, favorite items and