How will fashion trends in 2020 change after the covid epidemic

Certainly the trend of logomania and brand tag dress will disappear in a short time. What the designers designed, sketched, and designed for 2020 is almost completely eliminated.

When the Spanish Influenza flu hit, it suddenly became very important to wash clothes regularly. This is an important stage to remove viruses and bacteria. But the sisters are in trouble because of hand washing. Where is the time to wash your hands while taking care of the sick, cooking and cleaning the house?

Outfits with a simple form, sturdy fabric and dyed in a color that do not fade, became popular. Materials such as cotton, merino wool, or machine washable silk will be preferred to buy more. And clothes that require dry cleaning or hand washing will be ignored by customers because they are too complicated in the laundry process.

The New York Times, with a deep history, once had an article about fashion during the Great Depression of the 1930s. It spoke of the insecurity of the elite in wearing flashy fashion.

The best-selling items in the coming time must be simple items such as T-shirts, jeans, and minimalist dress. And items in the style of brand tag or logomania will be refined.

Nowadays, in the state of scarcity of medical masks, a series of women have learned how to make fabric masks from old materials. Moschino fashion house creative director Jeremy Scott even went to Instagram to teach garment.

Popular brands would be those that focus on the upcycle trend. For example, offering discounts to customers if they bring in old fashion items for recycling.

But when a crisis strikes, the sisters return to feminine, casual and classic outfits. The classic and timeless look helps women save money, don’t have to constantly change outfits because they are not afraid of being out of fashion.