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The appeal of plaid motifs in fashion

It can be said that the striped pattern is one of the most popular and popular motifs in fashion, including fashion. Almost every wardrobe, everywhere, has the presence of colorful Stripe-patterned outfits. Stripe has almost become an

The story about Louis Vuitton

Does anyone think that Louis Vuitton’s boss has created a luxury brand in the world from empty hands? Louis Vuitton is currently the world’s ninth company among the top luxury brands, with annual sales of approximately $

The designer guides women in the village to bring the Indian fashion empire to the globe

How Anita Dongre brought the Indian fashion empire to the world and solved the problem of economic empowerment for women in this country. Anita Dongre born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is known as the founder

How will fashion trends in 2020 change after the covid epidemic

Certainly the trend of logomania and brand tag dress will disappear in a short time. What the designers designed, sketched, and designed for 2020 is almost completely eliminated. When the Spanish Influenza flu hit, it suddenly became

Why do you never see the models smiling on the catwalk

In fashion shows, we all find one thing in common – models do not laugh. The catwalk has long been known as a smileless area. As a model, you can smile at the end of the show

Talking about classic fashion style

Normally people will think of the name ‘classic style‘ immediately. However, it also has a different name is Parisian style. The famous designer Coco Chanel is a clear embodiment of this very French style: simple, luxurious, courteous

Fashion trends 2020 – The re-export of bermuda shorts

The bermuda pants were once the uniform of the Royal Navy to withstand tropical weather. Over time, these wide-legged, long-legged shorts are used in everyday fashion for both sexes. The new bermuda pants have an impressive re-appearance

What do you want your fashion style to say about you

Private style! We all don’t know this, don’t we know who we are? This is a word many of us think about, even those who love French fashion and see it as very important. But you do

The fashion world welcomes surprises in the 2020s

In fashion, 10 years is an important time to mark a period of history. We have just passed the first decade of the 21st century. This is the decade of sports fashion, street fashion, social networks, influencers

How fashion is life like that

If you think that, do you want others to see you just as superficial things? You were too wrong to think like that. Because new people meet will consider you through the appearance you show them. Clothes