Talking about classic fashion style

Normally people will think of the name ‘classic style‘ immediately. However, it also has a different name is Parisian style. The famous designer Coco Chanel is a clear embodiment of this very French style: simple, luxurious, courteous and feminine.

Classic fashion style must first be the form of clothing designed not monumentally in terms of material, color as well as style. They will follow the tone of most wanted, neutral, delicate but no less romantic and attract the eyes of others.

Tìm hiểu phong cách thời trang cổ điển (classic) DEC TEAM

Especially, after The Dior collection of designer Christian Dior was born, it quickly decided the fashion appearance of all Europe changed. Up to now, this shirt is still popular every season. Stars famous for their trendy fashion styles still look to tweed coats to be youthful and elegant when stepping outside.

It is this that has attracted discerning followers towards Paris, towards Chanel and towards Haute Couture. The classic formal outfit opens a little, revealing the soft satin lining, the model’s body and finally a matching miniskirt. The material used is a series of tweed fabric samples, with lots and varied tones from sweet pastel to luxurious dark bass.

Fashion style is one of the most frequently changing things, especially trends in an ever-changing era. However, there are forever fashion styles that still become icons, attracting many followers over the years. Typically, classic fashion for women.

The retro style is the trendy but fashionable style, especially the A-shape skirt – pencil shape. Wearing tight dresses is too familiar. However, with classic fashion style, you can choose new materials such as comfortable, dynamic and cotton elastic. This outfit will help you respect the sexy curves in an ingenious and elegant manner.

Mặc đẹp với tông màu xanh cổ điển Classic Blue

These special luxurious dresses will make you more sparkling with accessories. The classic fashion style is absolutely indispensable without beaded handbags and chains. Or a turban with a bold makeup style but very prominent.

The bright background color and the smooth fabric will add your own atmosphere. At the same time they bring an elegant beauty, extremely delicate.