Fashion items exploded in September

The changing seasons make it difficult for girls to choose clothes. What to wear on erratic sunny and rainy days? These suggestions below will help you “refresh” the wardrobe, prepare a few fall fashion items for the upcoming cool days.


Puffed sleeve is one of the fashion trends that is expected to explode in September. Inspired by the images of French ladies from the late 19th century, this detail creates a classic, luxurious look. In particular, sleeveless dresses with square neck details are the perfect combination for girls who love vintage style. When the weather is cold, you can wear a cardigan, blazer or trench coat to keep warm.


Fall-Winter fashion closets will not be complete without animal skin motifs. If the classic, luxurious and elegant checkerboard motifs, animal skin motifs are unique features for the Fall fashion. Besides leopard, other patterns such as snake skin, python or cow skin are more diverse than this unique pattern world. If you are not familiar with eye-catching costumes, you can start from accessories, coats, shoes …


It was time for the coats which were carefully stored in the summer closet to take effect. Linen, silk temporarily gave way to coats, woolen and velvet. This cold season, in addition to the familiar deep colors, refresh the image with more youthful and fresher tones such as pastel pink, mint green … Combine with neutral costumes like white, beige, and cream , you will go down the street with a simple appearance but equally impressive.


Ankle boots soon “ascended” in the early days of Autumn. To cope with “wet” weather, you should choose boots with waterproof material such as PVC, glossy leather. Instead of high heel boots, you should prefer safer options like low-heeled boots, cowboy boots …


Pearl accessories are the focal point on this Autumn-Winter catwalk. From earrings, necklaces, bags to hair bands all appear dense in high-end fashion collections. Not only for girls pursuing vintage style, the pearls are blowing into the breath of personality, thorny thanks to the combination of gold and copper metal accessories.