Top male fashion trends promise to retain heat in 2019 (Part 1)

For fashionistas, keeping the wardrobe up-to-date is inevitable. However, with the male fashion trends that promise to be explosive, you will think about replacing your clothes. Let’s find out what fashion trends will still keep heat in 2019.

You are the fashionable gentleman who catches quickly with men’s fashion trends, always choose an extremely stylish and elegant outfit? Are you the old fashion players with creative thinking and extremely personalities? No matter who you are, or whatever style you follow, just have the same love for fashion, the article is a piece for you. Let’s find out what are the outstanding male fashion trends in 2018 that will still be booming in 2019.

  1. Wide-legged pants

Wide-legged pants are a male fashion trend that has returned to frantic in the last two years and has yet to show signs of cooling down. With a characteristic image of comfort, generosity, spacious and dusty this item gradually conquered the hearts of street believers, and became one of the top male fashion trends for a long time. The combination of items such as dad jeans and pleated trousers will also make a more sophisticated and disruptive look.

Although these pants are really picky, it is only suitable for those with thin, slender legs and gives you a rather sloppy appearance and for many people’s judgments it brings a lack of dynamic image. But for the mourners, it is still one of the male fashion trends that will cause storms at least in the next 12 months.

With these boxer shorts, you can simply mix them with denim, a simple t-shirt combined with sneakers, maybe a classic pair of simple or alternative to a chunky pair. If you’re aiming for a mature style, a wide pleated trouses with woolen material and classic leather boots are also not a bad combination.

  1. Brown tones

In theory, brown is a blend of colors between red and black, in the hot tone but less colorful than red, yellow and orange. This is also the color reminiscent of the image of the land. So long ago, brown is not the first choice of fashion followers.

Every other time, along with the renaissance of men’s fashion trends from the 1970s, 2018 marks the return of a fever of brown-colored items, from coats, shirts, wool shirts to stylish suits.