Wear a Dress and Stay Warm in Winter (Part 2)

Wear a summer dress in winter

Do you wish you could wear your summer dresses all year round because you love them? You absolutely can even if you live in a temperature climate. Just add accessories and layers in seasonally appropriate fabrics and colors, such as the wine colored tights, olive green jacket, heavy chain necklace, cognac leather boots and purse pictured with heavy gold hardware.

Faux Fur Coat

Woman wearing faux fur coat, plaid dress and and black boots for winter style. A plaid sweater dress is wearable and trendy for winter. It may not be enough to keep you warm on its own if you live in a colder climate. Style it wearing a thick faux fur coat over top, and cozy black tights for even the coldest days. You can also belt your dress when wearing multiple layers to create shape.

Wear a Cardigan and Tights

A classic striped dress with the right layering strategy can be worn all year round. The fashion bloggers add a baby blue cardigan and black tights, to create a cool color scheme and warmth that feels right in winter. Balance your figure in this look by adding a statement necklace to draw attention to your face. You can wear this cute winter outfit with platform heels or easy flats and you would look great.

Wear Layers

Woman wearing denim jacket on top with a long dress and a turtleneck. The secret to wearing a dress in winter especially when your climate is really cold is wearing in layers, and more layering. The fashion bloggers have a genius approach in the colder months you can wear a pretty silk dress and create a head-turning outfit. Just layer it over skinny jeans, a slim turtleneck sweater and add a denim jacket on top.