7 male fashion trends “booming” at the Fall-Winter catwalks 2019

The series of Fall-Winter Fashion Week 2019 not only marked a series of creative ideas from talented designers, but also contributed to shaping the flow of the contemporary fashion world. Let’s take a look at 7 fashion trends that are strongly promoted at the catwalks of Fall 2019.

With a series of memorable highlights as well as tremendous changes, the world of men’s fashion enters 2019 in the enthusiasm of the grave. The public is extremely welcoming of creative ideas from renowned designers, while fashion followers are also in a state ready to hunt for clothes that are about to emerge in the near future. Perhaps, all were satisfied by the continuation of the strong transformation of the male fashion industry, reflected in the fashion trends emerging from the Fall 2019 catwalks.

  1. Leopard texture

Despite being one of the classic motifs of the fashion world, it was not until the Fashion Week series of events in early 2019 that the leopard print really gained a strong breakthrough in fashion trends for men. No appointment to meet, the leading fashion industry giants like Versace, Dior Men, Raf Simons and Celine also bring this rebellious motif on outerwear designs including outerwear and blazers, on their catwalks, with very distinct remixes. With the proliferation of texture designs in the fashion world, leopard print will truly be a fashion trend that is worth paying attention to in 2019.

  1. The breath comes from the future

Originating from the Linea Rossa collection, the Prada fashion house was launched in 2018, with dazzling and modern luminous colors.The futuristic trend has really become a trend of fashionable men. Appear as a key source of inspiration for Dior Men ‘pre-Autumn2 2019 and Winter2019 / 2020 catwalks, and become the soul of a series of new collections from contemporary fashion brands such as Dior Men. Alyx or Craig Green, this futuristic art between the past and the future promises to continue to spread strongly in the upcoming fashion trends.

Even a famous Gothic designer like Rick Owens is looking to future fashion.