Top male fashion trends promise to retain heat in 2019 (Part 3)

  1. Suit tailor-made with striking colors

Perhaps we no longer feel strange with the mature and elegant image that a suit brings to men. It is referred to as an armor, a symbol of class, a measure of the power and status of a man.

But besides a nicely tailored design, the color of the suit is also the element that the beard color must pay attention to. Navy blue or black? Those are the basic choices to have, but besides, why not try to break new colors like duck neck blue (teal color), burgundy, or even pink. Adding a bit of color to the wardrobe is also one of the ways to upgrade the look of the new fashion season.

  1. Utilitarian style

Inspired by military fashion style, Utilitarian style are highly practical, powerful costumes for men. With the main colors are olive, khaki, and the highlights tend to pit like box bags, zippers, overall this style brings a masculine, dusty personality for the wearer.

Along with the boom of athleisure and fitness gear in modern men’s fashion trends, young people are paying attention to the convenience of each item worn on people instead of just looking at the overall look of the suit. One of the perfect combinations to conquer the style of Utilitarian is the simple three-pocket jacket, tonal pants and simple T-shirt.

  1. Cuban collar shirt

Born in the 50s, these shirts with liberal spirit and freedom of this tropical youth are always an endless source of inspiration for designers to be freely creative about colors and materials.

In 2014, when the trend of Vintage fashion returned, the models of this Cuban shirt made rain all over the fashion forums, and so far there has been no sign of cooling down. A shirt with a jeans jacket and slim-fit pants will be a bad choice for those who are passionate about this style of windbreaker.

Bringing the spirit of Cuban collar shirt line, the most suitable material is linen or cotton, light and airy fabrics. This dress is also particularly suitable for men who have skinny shoulders due to the shirt design that will make your shoulders become fuller.