Top fashion trends for summer 2019 (Part 2)

  1. Asymmetric Off-the-shoulder Top

The bare shoulder is always an eye-catching point when you go along the street. However, next year, the trend is slightly different. It can be either a off-the-shoulder or a cut-out design so that the shoulder only glides behind. This style of clothing will surely bring more peace of mind to girls who are often worried about the shirt being deflected when moving.

  1. Bermuda shorts

Once called “grandmother’s pants” with monotonous, boring style and length of knee touch, but bermuda was promoted again in 2019. This type of pants is said to be more polite than biker shorts, do not embrace the body but more spacious. If you choose the right outfit, you can definitely dress it to an appointment.

  1. Pattern of wilderness

It is not difficult to recognize the rise of leopard print and zebra pattern at this time with many vivid colors, not merely deep brown or black and white. If you want to be a fashion catcher, don’t ignore this pattern.

  1. Caro motifs

A once-in-a-decade “fever” returned strongly. Oscar de la Renta, Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten … are three of the first pioneers to promote this trend, even incorporating other motifs in an interesting way.

  1. Tie-dye

The art of dyeing is certainly no stranger to the costumes with patchy color streaks mixed together, at first it looks like it is stained but this is the dyeing technique of tie-dye. The fashion houses contributed to the trend of the 1960s “fever” back as R13, Prada, MSGM, Christian Dior …

  1. Feathers

It is easy to see the feathered details covering the catwalk, and will not cool down next year. By combining feathers with denim, Calvin Luo definitely created a great example of how to mix difficult materials together.

  1. Bright neon colors

The time of gentle pastel colors is over, now the brilliant colors are gradually taking over the catwalk. Jeremy Scott’s fashion house and many other brands have proved that orange, green and neon gold can create a harmonious overall.