Coco Chanel – the legendary writer for the fashion industry in the world

This slender woman has made not one but two fashion revolutions in the world. She was the one who redefined fashion with the utmost creativity, freeing women from the path of restraint and attachment. No one can deny that Coco Chanel wrote the legends of the 20th century.

Teahouse singing career did not bring Chanel to the top, but it was here that gave the young girl the opportunity to meet the former cavalry officer Etienne Balsan, the heir of the wealthy textile owner. The young man was the one who brought Chanel from a small town to Paris, living a good life.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Coco Chanel

The life of frivolous silk and pearls inspired Chanel to create such beautiful things. She began designing and making her own stylish hats, putting her first foot in the fashion world.

In 1909, Chanel loved the friend of his former lover, Captain Arthur Edward ‘Boy’ Capel, a famous player throughout Paris. Chanel was helped by generous supporters to open the first stylist shop that sells hats and some clothing styles.

Each Chanel hat is a creative work of art, very elegant and graceful. She went beyond the work of a tailor to become a true artist. Chanel’s first success was when she dug Gabrielle Dorizat in her elegant hat on the stage. Since then the sophisticated designs of the young designer have been well received by the Paris public.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Coco Chanel

Chanel’s career peaked in 1935, with more than 4,000 sewing and manufacturing workers. She creates fashion styles for almost all of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities.

Chanel No. 5 has become the most famous perfume in the world, giving Coco wealth and illustrious reputation. Dubbed the “queen of perfumes”, Chanel No5 is still the best-selling perfume of all time today. It is estimated that every 30 seconds, a bottle of Chanel No5 is sold.