The story about Louis Vuitton

Does anyone think that Louis Vuitton’s boss has created a luxury brand in the world from empty hands? Louis Vuitton is currently the world’s ninth company among the top luxury brands, with annual sales of approximately $ 15 billion.

Overall, this brand is nothing new to us anymore. Just 166 years ago, 10-year-old Louis Vuitton never thought one day he created would become an icon for the elite. Louis Vuitton is said to be the founder of this strong empire known for his incredible spirit of effort.

In 1835, he went on a historic tour of legendary legend. That is a very bold idea. He walked from Jura to Paris for a distance of 292 miles. On the journey to the fashion capital, Louis Vuitton has gathered and acquired many useful knowledge.

Since then, the foundation and quality of a top quality product have been determined, not only at the waist. But he was also developing strongly with other accessories, typically bags. His energy is recognized when he did many different jobs to make a living for two years.

In 1854, Louis Vuitton decided to establish his own company, and also the first fashion brand to bear his name in Paris. At that time, Vuitton bags or bags followed a philosophy. That is, they must be flat, with no curves or extra details. And in particular, all must be waterproof.

Every major brand tries to build a logo that has a strong conveyance. That’s creating a distinctive impression in the hearts of customers and fashion followers. Referring to Louis Vuitton, you will see the familiar monogram symbol. It is a formula that combines two or more letters together.

The super star belts are made from high quality genuine leather. With this feature, the product not only has outstanding durability but also has natural beauty, softness and harmony. When observing, you will see the sophistication and refinement of each seam.