Top male fashion trends promise to retain heat in 2019 (Part 2)

  1. Men’s fashion trend Skate

Starting with Hip Hop culture for a long time and coming back from the summer of 2016, Skate style has become an inspiration for endless fashion for street fashion followers. In fact, Skate is not an independent style but it is influenced by other styles such as Grunge, Hip Hop. Similar to the nature of skateboarding sports, Skate brings a relaxed, dynamic, free spirit.

To show the true spirit of a Skater, a pair of chinos with wide sleeves along with T-shirt and harness is a perfect combination. Besides, you can also freely “layer” your outfit with items such as checkered shirts, hoodie or torn jeans to create a more disruptive look. Due to the influence of Grunge style, the favorite colors are also dark tones such as red, black, gray and slightly oversized and long.

Talking about Skate can’t help but mention famous skate shoe like Vans and Converse. Although every year, these brands give a lot of new models, but black and white Vans sk8 and Converse Classic are the best choices.

  1. Fashion of the 70s

Not to mention the sleek, shabby disco hairstyles, shirts that combine underwear or flared pants with catastrophic feminine colors, the return of the recent 70s fashion trend is bringing a breath of new exhibitions for everyday gentlemen’s costumes. Leather jackets, striped velvet pants (Corduroy), retro-style sneakers, turtlenecks, knitted shirts and silk shirts are what we need to care about.

According to model Richard Biedul, fashion in the 70s has never been a fad to him, but turtlenecks are an example. You can also consider buying yourself a pair of high leggings to have a more 70s appearance.

  1. Tactile fabric

The word “Tactile” here is derived from ancient Latin, meaning “touch”. Tactile fabrics are fabrics designed with materials that increase the sense of touch through the wearer, such as wool, velvet, felt, … with outstanding designs of vibrant parties

Different from what people think is that this material is easy to become fad, in fact, they are very rewarding experiences to try. With the hot summer, a silky Tencel yarn will give you more wonderful feeling than Cotton. Velvet, moles or suede fur is also expected to become a fever item in the fall-winter this year.