Rich men’s rigorous standards of clothes for events

Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra, the Spanish novelist once said, “Clothes that both cover and strip people.” For the upper class, clothing is not only a piece of clothing but also confirms the style and class of the wearer.

Costumes suitable for each event

Not only beautiful, but costumes must also match the circumstances and nature of the event they attend. Therefore, owning more than dozens or hundreds of branded shoes and expensive suits is not strange for the men of the upper-class.

At high-level conferences, a gentleman would choose to wear formal suits, casual pants, shirts, and shoes. In particular, black and white are the two must-have colors.

In an office environment, they are free to wear a suit or any other item that suits their workplace. For events, luxurious parties, suits, and expensive watches are always the choices of the upper class.

White Tie is used in formal daytime parties such as weddings, opening events. The stylist’s suggestion is a luxurious instant dress or a three-piece suit with a bow. Meanwhile, Black Tie is the style to wear for evening parties. In addition to the glamorous dot dress or a luxurious suite, a sparkling accessory is a safe choice of many Hollywood stars on the red carpet.

Material affirm class

For the rich, only the outfits made from the best materials from the best artisans will be accepted. In particular, Lema fur, cashmere wool, leather, Lesage embroidery, Massaro fabric for shoes and Causse for gloves are always preferred by fashionable Parisians for fashionable haute couture.

Cashmere wool is one of the preferred materials

These materials are not only soft, durable over time but also help the wearer look more charming and elegant. Material as possible, unique and precious, attentive attire, bringing luxury to the upper class.

Picky to detail

Sewing parts can often make a big difference. Suture seam will exaggerate the beauty of the body in a delicate way. Therefore, the “tailor-made” clothes meticulously appear in the wardrobe of many rich men.

Preserving costumes is always one of the top priorities. In addition to specialized branded spas, caring for expensive clothes at home is also the demand of fashion connoisseurs.

Above are the rigorous standards of clothes that rich men focus on when dressing for events. Hopefully, the information is useful for you.