Predict the colors and textures that dominate the autumn-winter fashion trend of 2020

When autumn comes, it is also time for women to plan to “refurbish” the closet in the time of season. Contrary to popular belief, autumn and winter fashion will come with monochromatic and neutral colors and patterns.

Autumn-winter fashion trends 2019 tend to favor trendy, youthful tones and patterns. This article will take a look at fashion trends that are expected to be popular in the Fall-Winter 2020 season.

Want to create a trendy appearance, please cover the “tree” purple with a variety of shades on the overall. Want to look more warm, more autumn-winter, purple with gray or brown color certainly does not make you disappointed.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho thời trang thu đông 2019

The Fall-Winter Fashion Trend 2020 is the occasion to take the throne of 50 green shades. Young, new and bring a completely different feeling, this color promises to challenge the ability of the trendy outfit of her. Your fashion sense will sublimate significantly and attract more if you conquer this interesting color.

Because all the nuances of oranges, especially orange tones, have been actively promoted around the autumn and winter fashion front, from the catwalk, street style to the office.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho thời trang thu đông 2019

Looking at the frequency of the pink designs on the world stage, many people will feel that they have missed an extremely sweet and feminine color. Pink items, regardless of hot or cold tones, are the items leading the Fall-Winter 2020 fashion trend.

In the Fall – Winter fashion trend of 2020, yellow is the color that is especially loved by fashion followers. Fashion legend Coco Chanel once said about colors in fashion style: “Women think about all colors, but forget the colors. White and black meet all the beauty you need, that’s the perfect balance. ” Therefore, no matter how many colors stand out in the closet, white and black are still safe choices for all situations of fashion followers.