Kenzo – Transform every style

Kenzo will always be ready, as long as you dare to try. From Europe to Asia, from music stars, movie actors to powerful politicians – anyone can confidently choose a style thanks to Kenzo’s “witch dressed”. With a unique but also difficult fashion material that the company has chosen since its inception, Kenzo has not stepped up to the cloud with Houte Couture.

With the original Asian spirit from the man who designed up to 40 costumes per month, Kenzo is “fit perfectly” with all European and American stars. It defies cultural and physical differences.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kenzo thời trang

Take Selena Gomez as an example. In 2016, the young singer still pursued the image of a young and dynamic star with “We Don’t Talk anymore”. Therefore, it is not surprising that the young singer did not stand out from the fever Kenzo x H&M that made the storm in 2016. Appearance of femininity and breaking the style in plaid skirt design asymmetrical style or daily life , casual but still stylish with a Kenzo tiger emblem.

The witch dressed in Kenzo also showed off her talent by directing styles to celebrities in all different styles. Rihanna is also a follower of Kenzo when he has been active and comfortable many times with Kenzo costumes.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kenzo thời trang

Even politicians have appeared in Kenzo’s ready-to-wear designs many times at important events. Former first lady Michelle Obama has appeared in an unexpectedly youthful design of Kenzo …

Or the fine American Ivanka Trump, but still fashionable in a plaid skirt with floral motifs at the US Olympic team welcome event. Every style, every character – from the singer, actor to the President’s wife – can be fully met by Kenzo in a huge multi-style closet. And the most impressive thing is that all of these characters wear ready-to-wear designs. That means you can completely transform your style with Kenzo costumes – a high-end fashion brand that has a really good price!