Wear a Dress and Stay Warm in Winter (Part 1)

Winter is coming, but you don’t have to stash away your favorite frocks as long as you know how to accessorize and layer them smartly. Even when it’s snowing out you absolutely can wear dresses all year round. Whether you’d just like to try something new this winter, you don’t like to wear pants, have a wedding to go to or prefer the easiness of wearing dresses.

You will be amazed by all the options once you learn how to dress in winter. Here the best styling tricks from fashion bloggers we’ve rounded up to explode your seasonal dressing game.

Dress Head to Toe Color

You would prefer not to say goodbye to a cute dress though summer is over. If you consider how to wear a dress in winter to still look cute and stay warm, steal this fashion influencer trick. Style a head-to-toe outfit such as the cute hat, cozy jacket, and stylish boots by adding winterizing accessories which match the hue of your frock.

Party Dress and White Fur Coat

Velvet party dresses adding a cozy coat on top are perfect for winter celebrations. Wear these duo this winter without freezing your tush off. This coat trimmed in white fur which looks glamorous is our big fan, enough to wear to any dressy occasion. You will look good with nude high heels and black fishnets or solid tights are also an option. But if you’re just running from the car to the event, you can dare to wear bare legs.

Wear a Gown

During the colder months weddings happens. If you are planning to be a member of the wedding party or a wedding guest this winter, to attend another fancy party, you may need to plan for staying warm between the car and the venue which calls for a gown, of layering a closed-toe shoes outfit over long dress and chic moto style leather jacket.