Blogging about fashion, why not

If you really cherish your passion for a fashion blog, you are entering a battle so fierce and so tough that you have to fight so hard to find a foothold, similar to the blog topics. Other like travel, music, sports.

Do not make blogs on Tumblr or Blogger. Although these are effective tools to develop a blog or personal website, it does not create its own brand. And if you want to really create a brand as well as your own fashion career, the sincere advice is to create a domain and host on WordPress. This is also the path of success that many popular bloggers have applied.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho blog thời trang

Once you have created your website and start writing, avoid the nonsense, don’t just call your best friends with some sweet lattes, but the lucky dance has 5 minutes to produce a bad article. . Blog needs investment. Even myself, to have a satisfactory article I usually take 2 to 3 days to complete. Don’t forget, your brain has to think nonstop.

Do not be afraid to make friends via social networks. Especially the famous bloggers, who have the same language as you, and the readers who have always supported and followed your posts. This is called a mailing list and this type of playground is called Google+.

Blog is your own property. It’s where you launch all your projects, your own ideas and will be the place that attracts premium cats to you.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho blog thời trang

So get rid of all the crazy ideas about borrowing names. Can you imagine opening a restaurant and taking the name of another restaurant on your restaurant sign?

Once you have your blog, you will not be charmed by millions of WordPress themes and plugins extremely shimmering. And you will be frantically choosing a theme like the best to set as an interface but forget the content – the backbone of the blog. Do not rush.