The mainstream of sports shoes in 2019 (Part 2)

  1. Highlights come from the variety of materials

Besides the outstanding designs, the variety comes from the characteristic textures of different types of materials that are being predicted to become a new and very remarkable trend of sports shoes. The development of modern manufacturing technology has brought new potential for this billion-dollar industry.

In addition to upgrading the quality of classic fabrics and leather, the high-tech fibers with the modern texture and the highest comfort are the trends of the sport shoes pursued by the big sportswear producer like Adidas and Nike. And it is worth mentioning that most impressive trend in the early days of 2019 Nike Air Max version 1 “Golf Grass” use unique fiber material to bring the feeling of carrying a green grass.

  1. White color are never outdated

In a fashion painting that is becoming more colorful, the basic white color always occupies an important position. Although it has brought a lot of creative and disruptive ideas on fashion catwalks at the Fashion Week series, the top fashion giants like Dior or Louis Vuitton are all favor for the subtle white tones as a certain color in their collections.

The same thing is happening with the fashion world near the ground. White coordination is always an indispensable spice for any sport shoe trend, regardless of style and material.

  1. High-end design on sports shoes versions

Collaborative projects from high-end fashion giants and sports labels have become an indispensable condiment, as well as a lever to dislodge the development of ground-based culture. The harmonious blend of high-end design language on sports shoes models has brought impressive accents on the catwalks in the recent Fashion Week series.

Although we are only in the beginning of 2019, a series of blockbuster projects have been set to launch dates from cult brands such as Nike and Sacai, UNDERCOVER, Fear of God and Adidas with brands such as Raf Simons, White Moutaineering and OAMC or Puma x Han Kjobenhavn.