Fashion trends for autumn 2019

Now is a good time to shop for autumn clothes. In addition to summer items which are on sale, you can still choose a variety of items for the upcoming fall. To shop effectively, make sure you know the 6 mainstream trends this fall:

  1. Color of pistachio

Pale green color mixed with a slight golden tone or Pistachio –the color of pistachio  is expected to be one of the hottest colors of the cold season this year. If you intend to invest early for the fall season, keep smiling and buying, we dare to bet you will never be obsolete in a few months. This color brings a sense of sophistication, especially when blending with soft materials like silk and satin.

  1. Tiger stripes pattern

The use of fur, animal skin in fashion designs is no longer welcome, but the animal skin pattern is different! Last year ‘s cold season saw the rise and dominance of leopard items, in the cold season this year, tiger stripes will occupy the waves, promising to give women a cool, trendy look and feel absolute warmth.

  1. Metallic

The costumes are made of materials with a shiny surface that is one of the leading trends on the runway in the winter of 2019. It’s great that they are the right kind of wear for the party, year-end events. From now on, let’s take advantage of such items from the end of the summer sale, you won’t worry about the effort!

  1. Super large bags

Just hard to follow the news from the runway floors, it will not be difficult for you to realize the size of the bags getting bigger and bigger. What’s inside is unclear, but the big bag is the highlight that helps autumn fashion add to the impression. Go ahead and invest in one, you won’t regret it!