Celine Collection Spring – Summer 2020: The liberal of Hedi Slimane

Not once did the new collection debut, but Hedi Slimane did not make others wonder whether he was serious or not, and this time was no exception.

As of Spring – Summer 2020, Hedi Slimane has introduced 3 collections for both men and women but it is not impossible to be a fashion lover, especially those who have worshiped Celine of Phoebe Philo. both the individual seal and the creation of Hedi. Someone even compared Celine to Saint Laurent. Perhaps the most striking Celine collection is the Fall – Winter 2019 when Hedi revived the 1970s bourgeois style of Celine Vipiana. No matter how deep or carefully analyzed, Hedi Celine collection is still easy to wear, easy to coordinate and very fashionable.

This collection, too. The 1970s continued to be exploited by Hedi. There’s still a bit of a bourgeois aftertaste, but there’s a bit more of the dust of jeans and wild bohos. New cut or new form? Absolutely not appear here. These outfits are not fashionable? On the contrary, they are stylish, fashionable and easy to wear for any woman to imitate.

So, what makes the difference between Celine and other brands when we can almost find the same items and combine them exactly as we see here? The answer is “Hedi Slimane”. This name seems to have become an adjective to ensure a lifestyle, a subculture that everyone adores and wears as Hedi suggests.

The revolution of designer Hedi Slimane in Celine under the kaleidoscope prism

The autumn days, Paris began to get cold, and the house number 16, Vivienne Street in District 2, near the old building, Hôtel Colbert de Torcy, was undergoing a major transition – not just the new season, a new signboard. but maybe a new era: the Celine Era under the empire designer Hedi Slimane.

The launch collection of designer Hedi Slimane became the focus of Paris Fashion Week this week.