Basic male accessories needed by every men

  1. Tie

The tie is a very familiar male accessory and shows the best personality in a men’s wardrobe. Consider the texture, the width (the width of the tie is proportional to your boldness), the fabric (premium silk material is always the optimal choice), and the fold. Correct tie tie and how to combine tie pattern with shirt is also important, expressing the aesthetic and understanding of your fashion.

  1. Silk pocket square

In addition to being the “legacy” left over from his father, a small square towel with high-quality silk material, cotton, or linen (linen) is used depending on the season and the circumstances will create an unforgettable impression with the opposite. Usually only gentlemen, the fashion industry men pay attention and use this towel. However, every guy should have at least a pocket square scarf. And remember to use it.

  1. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are often used to match French-style shirts. With many gentlemen cufflinks are male accessories to show class. They also increase solemnity, elegance, and if selected cleverly blow a bit of wisdom in style.

  1. Watch

Every men needs an elite watch. In addition to being reminded of the time, there is no need to say much, or will have to say very long about the special location of the watch, and the endless passion of many gentlemen with time machines.

The structured design structure, complex machine parts, including thousands of large and small details, the Tourbillon movement against the earth magnetic field, surface …

  1. Wallet

A good wallet is not simply a place to store credit cards, money, personal papers, it is the source of personal satisfaction. When possible, invest in a soft leather wallet of a famous brand. It will make you feel yourself mature and “adult”.

When possible, invest in a soft leather wallet of a famous brand.